Terms and Conditions

Summary of Bidder Terms

These Bidder Terms tell you the terms of use on which you may use our website and where relevant any other auctioneer site (such as saleroom.com), in particular our services to facilitate online bidding at auctions. Please read these carefully. Please note it is your responsibility to ensure that your details supplied during registration are accurate and up to date before you use our online auction platform.

What Bishop & Miller Auctioneers will provide

We will provide online auction services that facilitate online bidding at all our auctions. This will be provided through our website www.bishopandmillerauctions.co.uk or via www. the-saleroom.com.

What Bishop & Miller Auctioneers Agree To Do

Use our website and the Services in accordance with our terms and conditions of purchasing. In particular you agree that we can change modify or remove any of the Services without notice and without reason at any time. You also agree that our liability and that of our affiliates is limited. You also agree to indemnify us against any claim action, or right against us that arises through your act, omission or breach of the Bidder Terms & Conditions and also in respect of any taxes, duties and levies that may apply.

If you are registering to use the website and/or the auctioneer site and receive the Services on behalf of a company, partnership, sole trader, limited liability partnership or any other person you warrant to represent and undertake that you have authority to

  • act on behalf of your Business;
  • bind your Business to our Terms & Conditions;
  • (iii) bind your Business to any contract or arrangement entered into as a result of receiving the Services (including any agreement entered into with an Auctioneer). You acknowledge that where you do not have the authority to act on behalf of your Business and bind your Business in accordance with above, you will remain personally liable in respect of these Bidder Terms and personally liable in respect of any agreement entered into with an Auctioneer as a result of receiving the Services.

What you the buyer agree to do

You commit to enter the correct contact details for you, including all relevant contact details such as address (including postcode), telephone number, email address, your highest bid for the item and where applicable your current bank details.

When bidding online at any of our sales through our website www.bishopandmilllerauctioneers.com you commit to purchase the items you have placed a bid on as per our terms and conditions of purchase.

When placing a bid online through our website, a bid is not confirmed until you have gone through the whole online bidding process and you receive a notification confirming your bids. Should you not receive this, it means that your bid has not been registered. So please try leaving your bid again, if this does not register then please contact the office to leave a commission bid.