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Friday 19th November 2021

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First World War Trio of Medals, 1914 Star, 1914-1918 British War Medal, Victory Medal (MS 4376 PTE. A. H. DENIZOT. A.S.C.) Private August Henri Denizot, a French national born Fontainebleau, Paris, in 1889 and married to an English girl after moving to Folkestone, enlisted in the British army at Aldershot on 5th September 1914, discharged due to sickness (physically unfit for war service-failing eyesight) 30th January 1916, Silver War Badge number 66460, records show him entitled to the 1914 Star, BWM and Victory Medal



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First World War family grouping to include, Order of the Royal Red Cross 2nd Class, bow mounted, in fitted case by Garrard & Co, 1914-1918 British War Medal and Victory Medal (210446. SPR. E. BEVAN. R.E.) with named box of issue,1914-1918 British War Medal (M.9635 S.H. BEVAN S.R.A. R.N.), with named box of issue, the Royal Red Cross belonged to Miss Edith Bevan, Supplement to the London Gazette dated 9th April 1919 reads, 'Awarded RRC 2nd Class Miss Edith Bevan V.A.D. Nurse, Fulham Military Hospital, St. Dunstans Road, Hammersmith', Edith Bevan was born in 1881 in Cheshire where her father was a Railway Station Master, she had two sisters, Evelyn and Annie, and two brothers, Edgar and Sidney, both of whom became Railway Clerks, Evelyn trained as a nurse at the Fulham Infirmary between 1911 and 1914, when the First World War broke out the Fulham Infirmary began taking in soldiers wounded during the First Battle of Ypres and in 1915 the War Office took over both the Infirmary and Fulham Workhouse and they became the Fulham Military Hospital with nearly 1000 beds, perhaps inspired by Evelyn, Edith joined the Voluntary Aid Detachment at Fulham Military Hospital where she trained as a nurse between 1917 and 1920 earning the RRC 2nd Class in the process, after the war both sisters appear to have continued working together as nurses, in 1925 being shown at the Hospital, 37 Riverley Road, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, also included is a bronze medallion with on the obverse a woman cradling a child and the inscription 'Fulham Infirmary, Famam Extendere Factis' (Extend Reputation Through Deeds), to the reverse is engraved 'Evelyn Bevan Sept. 1914', a bronze 'Massage' clasp (trained in physiotherapy), a photograph of Edith Bevan wearing a Fulham Infirmary medallion with clasp, held in a round silver frame, Birmingham, date letter rubbed, maker T. H. Hazlewood & Co. diameter 6.5 cm, a fibre Identity Disc marked 'S.H. BEVAN, A.S.B.S. M963* C.E.', on the reverse of the disc, written in ink, is 'Home Address (illegible), S.H. BEVAN, R.N. Ambulance Train No.1', a necklace or bracelet pendant in white metal with the the letter 'E' in a circlet (unknown if this belonged to Edith or Evelyn), a medal commemorating the end of The Great War, a George V Coronation commemorative medal, a 'Juvenile Forester' ribbon, a letter to 'Sister Bevan' dated 30/11/37 commiserating on the death of her father, a card from the Fulham Infirmary, Hammersmith, written in red ink and dated August 1915 it reads 'In letters of blood!!!, To Sister Bevan as a token of our undiminished affection & esteem which has stood the test of ages xxxx, The Sign of Four' the card is accompanied by some photographs of staff and patients at the Fulham Military Hospital one of whom may be Evelyn Bevan but family was unable to identify, a copy of the book 'My England' by the Labour Member of Parliament George Lansbury with the following sentiment written inside, 'To Miss Bevan, as a tiny acknowledgement of her uniform kindness during my x ray examinations at Manor House Hospital during 1934 with best wishes for xmas & new year' signed by George Lansbury and dated Dec 1934, records show 210466 Sapper Edgar Bevan of the Royal Engineers (Railways) entitled to the BWM and Victory Medal, he also had the service number WR261814, and M/9635 Senior Reserve Attendant Sydney Harold Bevan entitled to the 1914-1918 British War Medal, grouping direct from family