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Friday 19th November 2021

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First World War Victory Medal (LT. H.M. HART) records show Lieutenant H.M. Hart of the Royal Engineers entitled to the 1914-1918 British War Medal and Victory Medal



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First and Second World War RAF/Royal Navy grouping, 1914-1918 British War Medal (160890 3 A.M. B.C. TUTT R.A.F.), George V Royal Navy Long Service & Good Conduct Medal (M37004 B.C. TUTT C.O.A.1 H.M.S. ACHILLES), mounted as worn, together with 1939-1945 Star, Atlantic Star, 1939-1945 British War Medal, with medal entitlement slip in addressed box to 'B.C. Tutt, 44 Eastcourt Lane, Gillingham, Kent', Bertam Cecil Tutt, a Fitter by trade, born 20th March 1900, enlisted in the Royal Air Force on 20th April 1918, transferred to the reserve 11th November 1919, and was discharged on 30th April 1920, he joined the Royal Navy on 3rd February 1922 on a 12 year enlistment, he re-enlisted on 17th November 1931 for completion of pension, received the Naval LS&GC Medal 17th May 1936 and was pensioned on 13th March 1943 'Physically unfit for Naval Service, ships served on include HMS Achilles (at the time of the Battle of the River Plate) and HMS London (at the time of her involvement in the hunt for the Bismark), also included is, Memorandum of Agreement as an Apprentice Engine Fitter with Aveling & Porter Ltd, Rochester, Kent Education Committee Certificates for 1916-17, 1917-18, 1919-20, 1920-21, RAF Service Certificate, R.N Higher Education Certificate to Bertam C. Tutt Ordnance Articifer, dated 1925, Crossing the Line Certificate to Chief Ord.Art. Tutt from HMS Diomede dated 4/11/1928 and signed by ships Captain, Pass Certificate for educational test for rank of Warrant Officer dated 30/12/1930, Certificate for attending course on adjusting breech mechanisms dated 19/10/1931, a photograph of HMS Achilles at 'Melbourne, Australia', 26 cm x 14 cm, Crossing the Line Certificate fro HMS Achilles issued by 'Neptune Court' on 14/8/1936 and signed by the ships officers, Letter from the Mayor of Chatham to Surgeon Rear Admiral Sauley, RNH Chatham re getting Tutt transferred to the hospital for convalescence dated 9/4/1943, Ordnance Articifers History Sheet, Letter of sponsorship from R.N Gunnery School, Chatham, to Tutt on leaving the navy, dated 22/8/1946, Royal Navy Service Certificate, (qty)