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Saturday 27th April 2019

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Zepplin L48 interest, a brooch made from the wreck of the L48. On the night of 16th June 1917, the L48 was one of four airships sent to attack London, after dropping bombs on Harwich, the airship tried to return home by heading east, however its compass had frozen at the high altitude and, unknown to its crew, it drifted north in the dark along the Suffolk coast, the airship was caught by searchlights but was too high an altitude for the planes to reach, in an effort to escape British airspace before dawn the Zeppelin captain gave orders to descend, Captain RHMS Saundby, from his aircraft, noticed the descent beginning and attacked again. His bullets hit the Zeppelin this time and the tail of the airship ignited, the ship crashed into the ground at Holly Tree Farm in Theberton, near Leiston, Suffolk, three German crew managed to jump out of their gondola the other sixteen crew members died in the crash. In a glazed frame with hand written history of the crash

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